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Dixieland Dead -- Penny Burwell Ewing
Dixieland Dead, Book I, The Haunted Salon Series

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Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells -- Penny Burwell Ewing
Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells

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Kingle Bells and Krampus Spells-- Penny Burwell Ewing

Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells
The Haunted Salon Series

Heaven's first rule to becoming a guardian angel: Earn your wings.
Seriously. Harder than I anticipated. Being the Southern ghost that I am, I've followed all the rules strictly by the book. Well, almost. Some things don't count. Like kissing the lead sword-fighting instructor behind headquarters for the Council of Noble Purposes. And now, because someone snitched, I'm being dispatched on a solo mission to close a demonic portal opened by a bunch of trouble-making teenagers fooling around with a spirit board.

An innocent Christmas party trick gone bad. Sure, it sounds harmless, but Saint Peter isn't laughing. Santa's unlikely sidekick, Krampus is loose and stirring up big trouble in Whiskey Creek, Georgia. With the countdown to Christmas ticking away, my only authorized equipment is one winged horse and a slick new pair of white leather chaps and bullwhip. Yay! Tis the season to be jolly. Now, where's my sleigh?

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