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Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells -- Penny Burwell Ewing
Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells

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Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells -- Penny Burwell Ewing
The Devil's Eye

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Hello and welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website where the hospitality is sweet and the stories are pure magic. Please come in, pull up a chair, pour a glass of wine or sweet-tea if you prefer, and visit with me awhile. I’m Penny Burwell Ewing, and I write paranormal mysteries with a dash of romance, a smidgen of southern humor, and a sassy ghost with the charm of an aging beauty queen and the bite of a killer bee.

I’ve written four books in the Haunted Salon Series, set in the fictional town of Whiskey Creek, Georgia, where emotions simmer under the blazing summer sun, and secrets are like candy—at first they’re sweet on the tongue, and bring such pleasure, but with time, the decay sets in, and you find yourself wishing you’d left that bonbon alone.

Book One

Dixieland Dead

Book Two Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie
Book Three A Dead Pig in the Sunshine
Book Four Bein’ Dead Ain’t No Excuse
Book Five Jingle Bells and Krampus Spells

Along with writing the trials of Jolene and Scarlett, and the gang in Whiskey Creek, I’m rewriting my first book, Sweetwater Groves, and releasing it under a new title, The Devil’s Eye. It will be the first of a romantic suspense/gothic trilogy: Casa de Bella Trilogy.

If you like things that go bump in the night, and wish to join me in my travels, hop aboard and we’ll explore the mysteries of romance and the paranormal together.

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